BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!

  1. Xochitl suffle

    2:41i think he needs some water…

  2. Xochitl suffle

    Omg i died

  3. Jazliany Fuentes

    fat cute

  4. Trinity Staggs

    asking the dog if he ate the cat food but you have a cat so why blame the dog you need to get your act together because that is just straight up stupid and mean you can have the dog run away if you treat it bad because it will get sick of you blaming it so there is you some advice???

  5. Mohamed Ben Aidja


  6. Jj Hyde

    19:55 that is one very very jeleous dog!

  7. Jj Hyde

    11:20 She is guilty of 2 things. Eating the table and resisting the kennel by showing her belly!??

  8. Jj Hyde

    7:47' OK when dogs understand consicqinces it is just precious and depressing how sad they look.

  9. The Dog Show

    Best of Best 🙂

  10. Raleigh Wilcox


  11. Lannie Love

    I like the first and second one

  12. CC Channel101!

    see that 1st dog ever aww andd….., now see all


  13. Tania sheridan

    The on the 6:05 minute seems like is outside the onthe snow and cold weather people don't be so CRUEL AND LESVE THE DOG OUTSIDE ESPECIALLY WHEN IS COLD, RAINY, SNOWY PLEASE MORE CONSIDERATION WITH ANIMALS

  14. Juliet Nakaayi

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  15. Juliet Nakaayi

    theres salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, if you believe in him you will be saved, for he has already paid the price of our sins, by dying as a living sacrifice on the cross,

  16. Paul Triplett

    and ?s

  17. Paul Triplett

    ? are cute

  18. rocio cecchini


  19. Planet Animal

    check out my puppies

  20. Frog Faggot Cunt


  21. Montserrat Ramirez

    so cute ????

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