CUTEST PUPPIES FurReal Friends Puppy Dogs Walking Pups Pets + Disney Frozen Surprise Eggs Kids Toys

  1. Anna Butta'

    I like The Small dogs

  2. Antonia Garza

    so kuwt

  3. Laila Hassan


  4. Hala Yassine


  5. Natalia LLerena

    I am can one dog fur real friends

  6. Makaila McIntosh

    awsome magic hailey

  7. marko obradovic


  8. jek watch

    Hi I live in Thai I pai l can speak English to well

  9. marengcheng co

    I love your videos

  10. zxs 123


  11. Layla Lollipop

    How much does Biscuit cost?

  12. Haley Chambers

    my name is Haley too

  13. good girl

  14. I'm getting bisect this weekend

  15. so adorable I love dogs

  16. richienne gonzales

    I really like gogo

  17. Banu Ozcan

    hello vatizorneym one

  18. Mangle fazbear


  19. Annie The Gymnastic

    if you dont have pet but you have your pet is that toy

  20. Annie The Gymnastic

    how much is it?

  21. Dolores Niees


  22. sonia osorio

    habla mejor español.

  23. pues la verdad me va a pedir

  24. Mei Pan

    ik snap dit niet

  25. Sadie Stewart

    i used to have gogo but i gave her away

  26. Fun Kids Play

    We like this so much

  27. Gaby Charissa Putri

    hailey your so cute and where did you get that

  28. Jasmine Cooper

    is go go

  29. Linda Aponte

    Where did you get that

  30. BUZ TV


  31. Αυdrεγ Dαwsση

    she is so spoiled

  32. adrienne ily sanchez

    um sorry to say this but…. get up and gogo is the real name of the white puppy dog her real name is gogo.

  33. Sammy

    does hailey get to pick the review products or do you surprise her?

  34. Nela Pitkova


  35. Crystall Andrews

    Where did you get that stuff, I want it

  36. Hana jaber

    I really want those toys.

  37. Paige Gaskin

    halo is sooooooooooooo cute when she names her toys

  38. That's really cute ??????❤️?

  39. Rochelle Patten

    haily i watch all of your vidows and i am your bigest fans

  40. Rohannah Williams

    I love you from Elisha??

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