1. crazy nobody

    i thought it was the other way around

  2. Wolflife

    Big dogs afraid of little cat? Come on dogs!

  3. Maggie E

    I love how many dogs won't walk past a cat down the stairs ?

  4. Jellycac CZ

    poor dogs ?

  5. serdnasocram

    reasons why i hate cats

  6. Mirul Mis

    so so funny

  7. Qonita Alviannisa

    lol all the overly sensitive dog people in the comments.
    while we cat people love to prank our cats

  8. fmadiva

    Cats are savage af I love them

  9. ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Naming a dog Fenway? What the hell is wrong with those damn Yankees?

  10. DanellSoFly DanellSofly

    All these dogs are white people pussy ass family dogs

  11. omg these is solo funny

  12. Jarvis Junior

    its just funny how the dogs are screaming like a little girl :v

  13. yogesh Nayak

    1:50 somebody kill that turkey!

  14. Private Idaho

    Cats are badass because of that cold merciless stare.

  15. Aidan Kurth

    poor dogs!

  16. Awakening Dreams

    When you call your cat "the cat" more than their actual name

  17. plucas1

    You watch these and you notice most of the dogs are fairly young… They probably haven't yet quite comprehended the fact that they got big and still think of themselves as small puppies compared to the cat.

  18. WillowAnimations

    Some of these aren't funny, some are heartless people because they don't give a crap that a cat is hurting a dog. Although i do love cats and dogs.

  19. Debra Bolton

    I love cats for many reasons but the number one reason is that you do not mess with a cat. They are as I say, unmessable. Plus, they are wonderful companions. ???

  20. Rashmi Sinha

    i will throw the cat out of my house if it will behave like this to my dog

  21. Matt Craza

    My cats protect our house

  22. _JazzyFish_

    Omg the first dog?

  23. Dtarmy Man

    Lol ?

  24. ItsLumanPlays

    1:23 tf what cunt lets that happened… Smh

  25. Cyan Corgi

    Cats are cute,But jerks

  26. Pathippy 56

    Hahahahaha that's funny.

  27. James Texture packs&More

    hahah my pitbull is also afriad of cats thats why i relate to this

  28. GamleErik100

    Dog, I am disappoint

  29. Betty Jane

    I would defend the dog…I'm watching these owners laugh as there dogs are being bite, scratched, and torchered by these assholes of cats. Its not funny, and it sure hell isn't entertaining.

  30. Trinity Allen

    this is y I hate cats

  31. Raja Sunwar

    Fuck cats

  32. ♥ANARCHY♥

    Why are dogs afraid of cats?

  33. Random Marshmallow

    my dog is scared of my cat 😛

  34. Jessica Griffith

    I hate people they have no respect for animals especially that child of pulled the dog done the stairs

  35. Assallamu allikum Kw

    cat an dog

  36. Assallamu allikum Kw

    wow super

  37. Kitesunegirl Games

    some of these videos for really funny other ones were just kind of sad because the dogs were just ridiculously scared

  38. ovo kain

    I swear if my pet cat attacked my dog i would slap it an teach it to be nice to my dog. Fuck cats

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