Dogs Meets Owner After Long Time ★ TRY NOT TO CRY (HD) [Funny Pets]

  1. Bryson Gilbert

    this is how things should be

  2. Boomzone 56

    the amount of love dogs have for there owners is unimaginable


  4. chantelle cook

    same thing happened to me just I never saw the dog again

  5. chantelle cook

    am I the only one who is about to cry

  6. Kimberly Johnson

    this video reminds me of my dead dog

  7. Vicky Pihl

    When i want alone time and i close the door after like 10-20 minutes she overreacts when i open it then she just go in and sits where i sit but then she moves a little bit and we sit there togheter and videos LOL

  8. Frank Simmons

    My maltese runs straight to me, through puddles of mud STRAIGHT onto my trousers, I feel like crying every day

  9. Mike Hotte

    Man's best friend !

  10. Ken Yoshida

    Try not to cry(and puts funny pets in title) am I supposed to cry of laughter???

  11. Tyson Mckeen

    i started crying of happyness in the first minute

  12. LendedGlass

    I come home my bird freaks out butitsdead??????

  13. LendedGlass

    RIP Zeus Roman Atwood's dog?

  14. Gaming 101

    I cried so much!

  15. R.J. Bradfield

    Absolutely super videos! Definitely a must watch!

  16. Yoselin Gomez

    I failed

  17. Saed Alshorman

    After this video a want a dog

  18. ForsaGames

    i lost.

  19. Why are dogs loved more than cats?
    Dogs get to do EVERYTHING!!!! Think about cats for once please!
    And I will sub asap

    Please, just adore cats more.

  20. Arjuna Jayasinghe

    Most satisfying video Iv ever seen. Everyones happy at the end :')

  21. Nadia Mumtaz

    so cute ???

  22. Kayla LK

    00:25 my dog acted like that and I was onyl gone for like two and a half days.

  23. 3:02 my dog when i go outside to put the bins out, or just get the mail

  24. Chase Wright

    My dog when I come home from school he just sits and waits on my chair till I come home

  25. Alpha- -Major7447

    3:31 that yard is my dream!! I would just be there laying down or having fun with my friends and siblings or my nephews and nieces cuz all my siblings are adults! And with my dog! We would just play tag all the time!!

  26. killervortex 09

    this cheared me up after watching a dog get killed 30 seconds into a video

  27. LLE 5311

    i'm crying while watching this, cause i'm far away from home and i just received a message from my parents that my dog died and it hurts not being able to be there for her for about half a year :'(

  28. Debbie Edwards

    made me cry …. <3

  29. HollieIsAmazing 29

    if I opened my front door my dog would be like "$hit whats the Neighbours cooking?!"

  30. hispeedflow


  31. Keira Carranza

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sadddddddddddddddd

  32. Antowan Blackett

    this remind me of the time when my dog jump over the fence at night and we never found her

  33. Antowan Blackett

    this remind me of the time when my dog jump over the fence at night and we never found her

  34. tack vare Gud

    God bless all of you ?

  35. John Brienza

    My puppy cries for me when I am at school

  36. Jeydon Jace

    This is literally my dog if I go to the bathroom for to long.

  37. dws027555

    I never should have watched this when I had a period

  38. Runes And Scars

    Awww this makes me miss my dog ?
    He's just downstairs

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