Dogs Waking Up Owners (HD) [Funny Pets]

  1. G Quantum

    Lady slept with specs on ???


    Why do people FILM them self sleep

  3. Brent Myers

    I still think the FunnyFurFamily channel has the best animal videos out there.

  4. The Bruce Channel

    I don't need an alarm clock anymore as my dog lays his head across mine every morning around 7 a.m., who's the boss? ?

  5. short sighteddog

    Persist + insist…

  6. short sighteddog

    Some dogs need to pee first thing…

  7. Amanda Burns

    it sucks when it's 5 in the morning ??

  8. Grammar Nazi

    I came here for the Asian girl.
    I leave disappointed.

  9. nina pham

    Once my corgi tried to wake me up but I just laid there. It hit me in a certain place I I started screaming in pain. I guess in it's head it thought I was howling because it started howling. It was a very interesting morning. ?

  10. Aidan Scrupps

    All Of Them Were All Like "Wake Up Mom" Or "Wake Up Dad"

  11. dylan demesa

    what breed is the dog at 2:25?

  12. Enjoying Life

    I love how they clumsily put a paw in your face or throw a chewed-on, wet toy in your face as to show they're happy you're awake.0

  13. مااعرف شكتب

    ???ماعندي جلب

  14. richter malek

    Its normal. All dogs wanna go outside at the morning Toilette ?

  15. call ME noob

    I Subscribed ..

  16. The Gaming Geek

    What is the breed of the the dog at 2:12

  17. Andika Chandra

    very cute…

  18. Chairs tables

    wake up hooman you need to feed me now

  19. the crazy cowgirl

    my dogs are so smart I have riged this thing that opens my blinders on my window and one of them and she has learned how to pull the string then my little 15 pound dog gets on my bed over my head and jumps on me and If that doesn't work they go and get into something

  20. Kathy Inigarida

    Love the thumbnail on this. Not sure about the wake up call there. lol

  21. Little Blitz

    These are staged. Did anyone catch the dogs looking the other way for a command.

  22. sergeantassassin3

    That moment where your dog stops licking you, apparently tired of your pretending-to-sleep bullshit, and turns around before promptly sitting on your face.

    I don't think I've ever woken up quite so fast in my life.

  23. Sweet Child 'O' Mine

    Man's best friend

  24. Turnmaus 10

    1:19 ?

  25. Taashank Tanty

    clean fesh

  26. ZHiKA

    probably the best animal on earth.

  27. eloyianwatt

    nice video but your gonna want to mute it

  28. Kathy Inigarida

    lol. Some lazy butt owners not wanting to get up and face the day. lol

  29. Amy H

    losing a pet , is like losing a child. They become your children. I've loved and lost them as well, my heart is still mending. Time heals all .

  30. Shoron Khan

    wish I have a dog like this

  31. teed

    i like the dude at 0:59. so chill 🙂

  32. kielzie

    i hate it when anyone from my family wakes me up but when my dog does it, i love it. such sweet creatures.

  33. MaharlikaAWA

    The photo in the thumbnail was click bate. There was no asian chick.

  34. Make my penis great again

    my dog keeps biting my penis

  35. Neil Wood

    thilthy creatures

  36. Saturn554


  37. Didi Al Kayyiniy

    dog: come on man.. time to feed me bicht..

  38. luisa jorrin

    Get up you lazy human!


    1:55 "Hey.. hey.. we're out of milk again… just wanted.. to tell you…"

  40. Rainbow Crafter

    1:54 THE DOG IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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