Funny Big Dogs Thinking They’re Lap Dogs [Trip Burger Pets]

  1. hunter

    thats a bear with a tail

  2. Teleframe Music

    big doggo

  3. L Des

    awwh this is soo cute my heart hurts ;3

  4. Carl Johnson

    the way the guy stares at the camera in the 2nd video is unnerving

  5. TumpyFunket

    These dogs just want to express their bond with their humans- they like people. Also, humans are warm.

  6. Jori Wells

    The one at 0:23 is the absolute cutest!! He's like: "Move along nothing to see here, just me being a big baby sittin' on my daddy's lap!"

  7. indira k

    I have a lab 4 months old,he sits on my lap everytime!!!????

  8. sit on the floor with them or on the couch where there's MORE room.

  9. Lucia Mariah Carey

    What kind of dog is the first?

  10. Daya Bati

    I thought the first one is a rat

  11. Daya Bati

    I thought the first one is a rat

  12. Tanya Sarkar

    my German shepherd dog also love to sit on my lap all the time

  13. Kwasje Titty

    Really want a labrador but no time i wish i won the lottery so i can live on a big farm with cats and dogs!

  14. Unicorn Pineapple


  15. steven0seagul

    in Russia dog rides you

  16. Dipanjana Paul

    0.55 which breed is this???

  17. kalyn whidden

    I have 9 dogs,small medium and large. My large dogs love cuddling and laying on people but my other 6 dont care for that lol

  18. Salamander

    Which breed is the first dog?

  19. tishtash321

    Cuuuute. But I wonder if they realize petting reinforces the behaviour?

  20. Arviejoy Dalope

    I'm jelous my dogs doesn't do this ?

  21. Kasuga Lumeiwa

    lot huge dog this video dude..yayyyy…^^

  22. anonymous 101

    what breed is the first dog? it looks like a bear I love it

  23. жжж

    4:28 what type of dog it is? 🙂

  24. jose a

    Anyone knows or understands the breed of the dog in 4:08 ? I have just adopted one from a shelter which looks exactly like it!!

  25. ouch that last mastiff is so huge, i would sleep with my door wide open. nobody would mess around with that big a dog

  26. Arthur Sliker

    dogs rule

  27. Skyler

    hoy shit, i thought that first dog was a bear

  28. Alex Hutchins

    I loved the Alaskan husky,?

  29. Kahlen Durin

    Bernese Mountain Dogs for the win!!! Really want one even though they weigh the same as me! I love big dogs. In my experience from my family and friend's dogs the big ones are more calm and gentle than the tiny ones. I grew up with a border collie (he was the best) but I want a big ass dog!

  30. joy santod

    Chinese people would love those dogs

  31. Kisha Kwlwl

    My golden retriever is a year old and I always let him sit in my lap .. but they're medium sized dogs.. these cute dogs are a lot bigger.

  32. Philip Parkinson

    These are fucking bears mate.

  33. Jericho R.Reverie _

    holy shit what is that?! (the first dog)

  34. 66slade

    That's what happens when you spoil them.

  35. Johnny Lupin

    1:30 xD did the dog spend to much time with cats?

  36. Jackie Nieves

    so cute

  37. Ajju Aswath

    what breed is the first one, black one

  38. Henri Paananen

    0:20 that scared the crap outta me xD

  39. IrishPsquared

    @2:25 isn't a lap dog, he's just looking for an escape route or some backup from his humans.

  40. lonemale mcphee

    Having 3 Newfoundlanders, all it takes is me getting on my knees to do some garden weeding and Whammo! I'm pinned and face-washed. Would not trade it for the world.

  41. ateiluj08

    I thought the first dog was a bear???

  42. Sandra C

    Of coarse big dogs can be lapdogs. Size discrimination is wrong.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have an empty lap and a 90 lb labrador.

  43. 5610winston

    All dogs start off as lap dogs. Some are smart enough to stay that way all their lives. Great Danes especially! My Norwegian Elkhounds (45 pounds each) like to sit in my lap.

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