Funny Dogs And Cats Scared of Farts Compilation 2016 – Funny Pets Videos

  1. Jamie Gauci

    I love how all the dogs just looked like "wtf dude!?, did you really just fart!" ??

  2. BlueDiamond 101

    this is my dog…????????❤

  3. Shiro Saber

    it was so funny when my dad farted my dog liked it ever since that time whenever i fart i always go to our dog and hell smell it cause our dog likes smelling farts

  4. Hahahaha ??????

  5. Allen Jeremy

    11 people s*** themselves when they farted.

  6. maria garia

    so cute????I love??????? dogs so much I love all dogs in the hole would

  7. dkhpa dkhpag

    I subscribed and liked and commented

  8. raziel bloodborn

    farts and dogs….two things that make for a fun and better world.

  9. Gamers place

    that's nasty

  10. ♥PusheenFan♥

    lmao @dozer 0:20

  11. Agnes Mahon

    ? ??

  12. you're a dumbass

    i was made in the am

  13. gui_toddy 0406


  14. EYE Watcher2005


  15. Chiru Neculai


  16. Aashi Chadg


  17. Noelene


  18. Ethan Sharp


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