How to Keep Your Pets Alone While on Vacation

If you are planning for a vacation you want your pet to be at home alone, then this article can help you.

1. Ask your neighbors, friends or other family members to take care of your pets during the time you will be gone
2. Make sure that the food should be available at proper place.
3. Keep the doors of bathroom open and make sure that your pet should be trained for potty.
4. Leave the heat or AC on in the areas of the house that the pet occupies but make sure that electric wires are out of reach of your pets as they have the habit of chewing the electricity wires.
5. Place all essential supplies the person will need to care for the pet such as: treats, food, leash, notes, etc.
6. Go and enjoy a great time on your vacation and call the sitter to check up if you think it’s necessary.
7. Return home and be sure to thank the sitter. You may have arranged to pay them something; if not, tip them or at least give them some baked goods. This will ensure that they will want to pet-sit again.
8. Make sure that the veterinary clinic is nearby your home and informed the doctor about your vacation.
9. Keep the fresh drinking water nearby your pet.
10. Always fix the tag on your pet’s collar bearing the name and address of your home, so that you can easily find it in case your pet lost somewhere.

I hope that if you follow these steps will surely help you to enjoy your vacation without any tension.


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