Meet My Pets! All about my dogs, baby chicks, and cat

  1. Issy AwesOme

    when the dogs were barking together I CANT HAHAHAHAHAH

  2. Marley Jones

    I love stripes ❤️

  3. gianna callahan

    dear god that cat

  4. Isabella De Alba

    Tango ??

  5. hey there jimmy

    u look a tiny bit like kendall jenner idk

  6. Nakiaya Catten

    if like the last cat

  7. Princess Royal

    omg thats dangerous what about its crisnas you put the fire place then he hops in it and dies that would make me cry:'(

  8. Smelly belly Tv

    I am a twin

  9. Valerie Dison

    New subscriber! your animals are so cute.

  10. Ellie Hollis

    Your chicken with the puffy hair is a polish chicken and I forgot what the other chicken is sorry but they are both pullets right now

  11. LegendaryTacos

    I Have A Red Doberman Puppy And He Just Is So CUTE! And His Name Is Diesel, He Also Has Floppy Ears. 😀

  12. pearl22chiara

    aaaw this is the cutest vid a beauty blogger has done in a long time. I love all the pets and how you seem to take good care of them, so loving and sweet

  13. Hailey Carroll

    Your background at the beginning is so tumblr <3

  14. Hailey Carroll

    Awh I love your pets there so cute!!!!!

  15. Emily Roberts

    I have a dog age nine breed Chiuahua shi zu terrier mix named Jackie.
    Cat 5 breed tabby but not sure name Oliver
    Cat age 3 breed tabby siameeae mix name Charles
    Rabbit, Breed English Spot mix age 7 weeks and 4 days old ma,e Molly
    Rabbit breed English Spot mix age 6 weeks and a bit old

  16. Autumn Rae

    Are the labs outside dogs or were they outside while filming?

  17. Nelida Cruz

    In ur fall lookbook you were wearing a green jacket and it's by wendy Bellissimo but I can't find it

  18. Caro C.

    Love them! Great video!

  19. Alicia Rendon

    I have 2 labs ! A yellow and chocolate and 1 little yorkie

  20. hi

  21. LifeofMolly

    im so glad you started uploading again!!

  22. Natalie K

    <—– My cat looks just like hers

  23. Alexis Renee02

    I love this so much !! <3

  24. Stephen Oscar

    We need to hang out 🙁 I miss you!!

  25. Three Cats One Meow

    OMG! What kind of chicken is this? So cute! great video!

  26. misaki covington

    Cute animals

  27. sofia mari your videos

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