What You Need To Know About Pet Rabbits And Your Family

Rabbits are just as adorable and furry as people expect them to be. Due to this fact, however, a lot of parents are buying their kids rabbits as pets. What they might not know, however, is that small children and kids who are known to play aggressively are hardly the best companions for these animals.

Moreover, pet rabbits aren’t the best companions for these youngsters either. If you have young children who are familiar with caring for small-sized pets or older children who are mature enough to handle the job, rabbits might be a good idea for pets.

Lots of people believe that rabbits like cuddling. This is nothing more than a myth. In reality, rabbits don’t enjoy being held. If you want a lap pet, a rabbit isn’t going to be your best choice. If you attempt to pick a rabbit up, it might claw and kick.

Given that rabbits have incredibly sharp nails, you may wind up with a bad cut when attempting to cuddle your pet. Rabbits can also harm themselves in their efforts to get away. Given that rabbit bones are incredibly fragile, they may seriously harm themselves when attempting to get away from your grasp.

Another issue with small children and pet rabbits is the fact that rabbits can be incredibly timid. Loud noises often spook them and thus, they far prefer the quiet. Given that kids love running and yelling, it’s very easy to frighten rabbits.

If you startle a rabbit too strongly, this animal can experience heart failure and die. If kids are sitting and quietly playing, a rabbit could approach to see what’s happening, but it probably won’t want to play. Rabbits don’t generally like people very much.

You can have a young child or you can have a pet rabbit. Having both of these things at once, however, can result in problems. Some parents will get their older children pet rabbits in an effort to help them become more responsible. While this is certainly fine, it is your job as a parent to make sure that the pet is being well taken care of.

If kids stop caring for their rabbits, you will have to do the job for them. Rabbits are living beings that need proper attention and care, whether this comes from your older children or from you. Teens and tweens can take good care of these pets but tweens may need some parental supervision.

It is sometimes possible to train rabbits to use litter boxes, which can be great for kids. Once rabbits are trained, cleaning out litter boxes is a good job for building responsibility. Among some of the other responsibilities that your kids might take on are grooming the animal’s fur, making sure that there’s plenty of water and food, providing the pet with attention, and giving it sufficient exercise and playtime. These are great jobs for kids who are old enough to handle them.

Ultimately, rabbits make good pets for families. Children have to be old enough to know that pet rabbits are living beings and not toys so that these animals can stay safe. When caring for rabbits, this is a job that’s best reserved for older kids while letting smaller children mature a bit before letting them pitch in.

Last, parents have the job of making sure that rabbits are being properly cared for by their kids. If everyone in the family works together, pet rabbits can be a real joy.

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