Sh*t Dogs Say Funny Pet Video Compilation 2016

  1. Slawek Juszczyk

    i have a dog and hes very weird and cute…..

  2. Jazzy Cat13

    The Last one was the best

  3. Jazzy Cat13

    1:23 WTF?????

  4. Jazzy Cat13

    Hey Meghan

  5. Mepose

    1:40 That's exactly what my dog does except he just wants a conversation with someone.

  6. Editor Duck

    2:04 that dog looks like that diabeetus guy that's a meme.

  7. Abby Gragg

    2 26 to 238 is pawsome!!??

  8. Kasey Waubanascum

    dog at 1:30 is my fave

  9. Shira Kitty Mateo Hamato

    0:11 I knew that puppy was going to be in this video I knew it

  10. Lori

    1:32 jaaaa he is german

  11. Cande_24
  12. Cande_24

    jajajaj el perro de 2:10 min

  13. Shelf on the Elf

    0:52 looks like my dog Moe when he was a puppy

  14. Powerhouses The robot

    Cuteness overload. It's just too cute.

  15. Bananas

    is that pug in the beginning ok?

  16. Gamer Bill

    JESUS dogs are THE MOST retarded creatures that have ever lived on this planet :-/

  17. Toxic_Sh4d0w

    after watching this my sad,clinically depressed ice cold dead heard just melted into a puddle of happiness

  18. theWeaverofTales

    2:14 is undoubtedly an alien XD

  19. aguinaya ananayo

    I think the dog is humming 2:40

  20. Kevin Reid

    hey guys are you

  21. pampire13

    My fave was the pibble that went "uhhhh…arf." He didn't know what else to say when put on the spot.

  22. Robert Yates

    SOOOOOOO CUTE??????????❤️❤️

  23. Birdy. N.D

    The first one killed me

  24. That first one though xD

  25. David Estrada

    At 2:18, it was just another day with me therapist, and I was telling her about my new boyfriend. After I had told her that I had broken up with him just yesterday, she yelled at me, was like, "BITCH WHAT THE FUCK!! R U SRS RIGHT NOW- GET YO ASS BACK OUT THERE AND FIND YO MAN! DAAAMN!!"

  26. David Estrada

    So much English in this video. God I love it.

  27. Nappamon

    2:13 why is there a gremlin in a dog video?

  28. IPadd

    PAC man dog. That was my favorite!

  29. cyber_dragon_123

    2:34 Dogs don't take well to jumpscares…

  30. noname

    the dog at 1:03 sounds like a cow

  31. vmbreon larsson

    I want to watch humansbleed.

  32. Fat Bastard

    I'm in tears this was funny ?????????????????

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